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- Students can enhance broad knowledge, ability to do research and self-study to continue improving and expanding their knowledge to fulfill the needs of economic development in the area.

- Being able to perform and carry out the service and tourism business, performing the unique style of an administrator in judging and establishing business strategy in “smokeless” industry.

- Selecting, synthesizing and analyzing information, making decision, organizing starting activities, making long-term and short-term intentions in most travel services, especially accommodation services, restaurants…


- Thinking skills: Graduates have good strategic thoughts and right decisions to meet the requirements of tourism and service organizations.

- Professional skills: Graduates have the professional skills such as strategy management, project management, marketing management, risk management in the catering and hospitality business, tourism management and marketing.

- Communication and rhetoric skills, presenting idea convincible report writing, project planning and project protecting.

Job opportunity

- Graduates in tourism administration at Vo Truong Toan University have ability to work in all departments in business organizations and operation, market researching as well as to establish proactive strategy in catering, hospitality and tourism of all economic sectors.

- Engage in economic transactions that students love.

Tourism and Travel Service Management is constructing, marketing, promoting, carrying out service packages (sold) called tour. In other words, working in this sector means designing services required by tourists such as commuting, staying, playing, resting, visiting, sightseeing, exploring, challenging and so on. Besides, there are some more services which are closely related to it as customer care, travel information, tour design, souvenirs store, health care, entertainment, travel environment education, preservation, travel research, teaching at tourism training courses.

Tourism’s role in economic system

Tourism is more and more important in Vietnam. Invested projects in estate along more than 3000km long coast and in some big cities are increasing quickly. Travel services are more diversified. Local and international tourist companies offer tours which tourists visit ethnic people’s villages on foot or by bikes, or going kayaking, travelling abroad for Vietnamese tourists, especially neighboring countries as Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Tourism Prospect

In the world, tourism has a long history. However, in here this market is new and very attractive. Tourism is a service sector which plays a great role in our economy. Our nation is focusing on developing and expanding tourism industry, considering it as a key sector. For Vietnam, as we mentioned before this is a new market and that’s why it needs a large number of human resources. This means you, a graduate will have more job opportunities than any others. This also brings you good and stable pay.

Moreover, tourism’s potentiality is huge in Vietnam. In almost towns and provinces, there are some popular sights. Up to August 2010, Vietnam has more than 40,000 cultural heritages and scenery with more than 3000 of them are sorted as national heritages, over 5000 as provincial ones, and 6 of them recognized as UNESCO’s heritages, 8 world’s biosphere reserves, 30 national parks, 400 hot water sources (40-150 degree)

Vietnam is at the twenty-seventh position of 156 countries, which border the sea, with 125 beautiful beaches. Vietnam is one of the 12 countries having the best beaches as Ha Long and Nha Trang. We also have 117 museums. 38 museums are managed by Ministries and departments, and the others directed by local governments.

There are two national museums: Vietnam History Museum and Vietnam War Museum and at the moment National History Museum is being considered to be the third one. In addition, at present Vietnam has 21 national resorts that are main places to focus investment and development.

Managing and directing staff usually works in the office with phones and computers to connect the relationships, make models, distribute employees in order to offer the best services to customers.

Travel agents are able to work for small or big travel agencies, travel services, restaurants. They can also work in managing departments, exploitation of natural resources as a local tour guide. They even can work for representative offices of companies or send tourists to foreign countries.

Finally, some of them may work for the government on tourism such as Tourism Department, Commercial and Tourism Facilities in provinces. Some work in agencies which research, provide information and promote travel. Some of them after years of working, training well can be employed to teach at tourism training services.

Job opportunity and prospect

Working in this sector, you will probably have a lot of chances to travel to many places, to learn new things. You can also try a lot of good foods in different regions, broaden cultural spaces and afterwards you will definitely gain valuable life experience. You will be a goodwill ambassador who introduces Vietnam to the world as a country of hospitality, friendliness and glamour. If you are interested in learning, discovering life, tourism will bring you the opening world where you can always access to up-to-date knowledge, and cultivate your profession.

Searching for jobs, you will make friends, get to know them from many different areas, nationalities, nations, religions, with different characters and interests. Getting to know a person is like learning a new small culture. Due to this, people connect together, learn from each other. Tourism can rejuvenate people’s souls thanks to its renovation all the time. Tourism is a special career creating the balance for people’s relationships.

Not only communicative skill, but many life and professional skills will be gained while you do the job. They are flexible, energetic, and quick in all kinds of situations. They are calm, certain, careful. With this job, you are more confident, well-organized and efficient. This teaches us how to “tolerate” to adapt to new conditions. Each job needs self-cultivation, and to succeed in this career this character is more and more essential and important.

Required characters and skills:

-        Predestined career: active, friendly, happy, good knowledge

-        Open-minded, enthusiastic, energetic

-        Good communicative skills, politeness

-        Sensitive, thoughtful, reliable

-        Well-organized, active and independent

-        Fluent in English communication


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