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A/Prof, Dr. Truong Van Viet, M.D, People’s Doctor, Vice Rector and Chief of Medicine of Vo Truong Toan University, the former Vice Rector  Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy , the former Director of Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh city


“Good Specialization – Good-hearted persons” is the sample of General Doctors who graduate from Vo Truong Toan University City. After six years of training and practising at Vo Truong Toan University, you will be proud and confident to be a General Doctor with National Standard.

Besides, you will be a good scientific researcher and know how to do scientific researchs. You will also be equipped a lot of communicative skills, social knowledge, law and using your medicine knowledge efficiently. You will have enough ability to catch up with other foreign partner, and you will be successful in contributing your knowledge for community.

With six years of training in General Medicine, you have condition to enrich your knowledge as well as your practical and ambition personalities. Vo Truong Toan University always creates the best conditions to meet the needs of discovery the youth knowledge which is the best gateway to their life and career.

The school and the teachers always lay the foundations for students in establishing their future career because "The success in your career is our honor, pride which the school contributes to society”.


- Having general science knowledge, basic medicine as the foundation for clinical training.

- Having general knowledge about diagnoses, treatment and prevention.

-Having scientific methods in the prevention and treatment and scientific research.

- Understanding laws and policies on the protection care and improve people's health.


- Having diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and common emergency.

- Focusing on diagnosing some dangerous diseases.

- Evaluating a number of tests and techniques to explore the basic functions for diagnosis of common diseases.

- Proposing appropriate remedial measures to care, improve public health, environmental protection.

- Performing some simple tests in the community.

- Giving early detection of disease and giving and participating some dangerous diseases.

- Applying some traditional medicine in the prevention and treatment.

- Doing the consulting work, education and health care organizations, protect and improve people's health.

- Engaging in scientific research.

- Using at least a foreign language and informatics to do research and self-study to continue improving and expanding their knowledge.


- Graduates in general medicine have ability to work in all health care services from central to local.

- Participating in doing research in Healthy institutes and centers or teaching in medical education thoughout the country.

The training program of full-time under graduate General medicine is designed and contributed based on framework program of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Training as well as Faculty of Medicine, Vo Truong Toan University consulted many training programs in General practitioner of home and abroad university along with experienced lecturers who directly involve in management and training, namely:

  • A/Prof, Dr. Truong Van Viet, M.D, People’s Doctor, Vice Rector and Chief of Medicine of Vo Truong Toan University, the former Vice Rector  Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy , the former Director of Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh city
  • Dr. Luong Đinh Lam, M.D, - Dean of General surgery, Vo Truong Toan University, former Dean of Traumatology and Orthopedics Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh city
  • Specialist doctor II Nguyen Thi Thuy - Chair department of obstetrics, Vo Truong Toan University, former Director of Hung Vuong Obstetrics, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Dr. Phung Tan Cuong, M.D, - Chair Department of pediatrics, Vo Truong Toan University, former Vice Dean of General surgery, Vietnam - Sweden Children’s Hospital.
  • A/Prof,  Dr. Tran Van Be, M.D,– Leader of Laboratory Medicine, Vo Truong Toan University, the former Director of Blood transfusion and haematology center of Ho Chi Minh City.

The meeting day between Truong Toan University and Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy about về training programs of Full-time general medicine was taken place

The Qualities and skills required for a general doctor:

- Good-hearted, good communication skills, generous, reliable, sympathetic to patients.

- Ability to work well in team, self-study.

- Patient, hard-working, careful and scrupulous.

- Good decisive and clear-headed.

- Skillful hands, good health and good mind.

To the figures of the Statistics of the U.S, the health sector is in 8 of 20 the fastest growing sectors. Obviously, you will have a stable job when working in the health care. With the development of medicine today, along with the growing of heath care services, the developing of health care systems, you will have a lot of chance to find a good community job and you will also have a chance to improve your knowledge with high salary.

Especially, you also apply for Medicine institutes, school of medicine, Health research in home or abroad, general hospitals, companies, health care organizations...

Nowadays, there are a lot of health care centres where you can apply and work as skillfull doctors. Although there are a lot of majors, working as a doctor is the most important with great prospects for yourself. Day by day you are equipped with up-to-date knowledge of medicine, and professional skills systematically. Graduates in medicine have ability to work in health care centers, organizations and departments related to medicine, you will always be reliable for your patients and it is also a chance for you to show your talent and abilities.

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