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Student Pham Khanh Ngoc


Pham Khanh Ngoc

Student of  Medicine Class – Course 7

- To be honored and received certificates of merit and scholarship for excellent learning achievement in the academic year 2014 - 2015 awarded by Vo Truong Toan University.

- Always try and keep the excellent learning outcomes up to the present time.

With unremitting effort to fulfil the dream of becoming an excellent obstetrician, Pham Khanh Ngoc, university student in General Medicine course 7, deserves to be honored to receive the full scholarship worth 20,000,000 VND awarded by VTTU in the school year 2014-2015.

The most outstanding achievement that Khanh Ngoc has achieved up to now is certificates of merit and scholarship for excellent learning achievement in the academic year 2014 - 2015  awarded by Vo Truong Toan university. This is not a coincidence or luck but the result of the whole process of unremitting learning and training hard. With Khanh Ngoc, this noble title is not only an encouragement for the upcoming years but it is a reminder for her to put more effort in learning and training.

Besides ensuring learning well in class, Khanh Ngoc has participated in many school activities, such as the 26/3 camping, blood donation, and volunteered to help and guide new students and their parents to visit the schools, the dorms and other places in VTTU. These social activies like this have trained Khanh Ngoc bemore more mature in her lifestyle, her ways of thinking as well as her problem solving skills.

Overcoming the long distances between Binh Thuan and Hau Giang province, Khanh Ngoc decided to study at the University Vo Truong Toan with the passion for Medicine and the dream of becoming an excellent obstetrician to take care of mothers and children’s health.

After a year of study at the school, what impresses Ngoc is the enthusiasm of teachers, the acculturation of all parts of the country. This is the place where students from everywhere in Vietnam exchanges their characteristics and cultures. This helps students understand the others better and also broaden their understanding of different cultures and regions.

To Khanh Ngoc, the achievement that she has achieved today is not her final destination but the first step. Human knowledge is endless and so is learning. Khanh Ngoc always reminds herself to try to cultivate knowledge constantly, not only from books or schools but from society, from people around and from the setbacks of herself.

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