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Student Nguyen Thi To Thien


Nguyen Thi To Thien

Student of  Medicine Class – Course 5

- Receiving a certificate of merit scholarship for "outstanding student" in the academic year 2014 - 2015 awarded by the University of Vo Truong Toan

- Always keep the good learning outcomes

"Learning is a bitter root cluster but its fruit is very sweet, today, after receiving a scholarship for "outstanding student" I truly feel all the sweetness of success. To get good results, I have to try my best. " Nguyen Thi Thien, medical sector course 5 said.

Thien was born in Tay Ninh. Although she was not born in a wealthy family, she always feel lucky to be taken good care by her family, she had chances to go to school.

“With a dream of becoming a good doctor, helping sick people is my happiness" Thien shares. She always tries her best to master all subjects. Whenever she faces something difficult, she tries to overcome it. To her, each friend is a good book who she can leanr from.

Each person has his own motto to reach success, some say that success is due to luck. Personally, Thien thinks "Luck only comes to those who are positive and take advantage of the coming opportunity" !. She feels that she has been mature.

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