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Student Doan Bao Trung

Doan Bao Trung

Student of International Economy Class – Course 4

Learning and working part time simultaneously is strenuous but Bao Trung has not discouraged. With excellent result, he has been in the list of students who received scholarships for "Overcoming difficulties to study well" valued 3 million VND awarded by the school.

Received certificates of merit and scholarship for "Overcoming difficulties to study well" in school year 2012 - 2013 and 2013 - 2014 rewarded by Vo Truong Toan University.

Overcoming family’s difficult situations and difficulties in learning, Doan Bao Trung has been in the list of students achieving students who received scholarships for "Overcoming difficulties to study well" awarded by the school in the last academic year.

He is from a rather poor family in Cau Ngang District, Tra Vinh Province.  His parents are too old to work. They don’t have much land for farming, so most of the family income is just enough to cover their daily lives. Since he went to college, his parents have to support for his study.  As a result, his study and expenses are the burden for his family.

In the process of learning, Bao Trung always tries his best to achieve high academic result. From the first year of university, he works part-time in Big C Supermarket. Also, he is a collaborator for HD Bank, MB Bank. Besides, he tutors to have additional income to cover for learning as well as support the family. Learning and working part time simultaneously is strenuous but Bao Trung has not discouraged . He confided, " For bright future, I will try my best despite of ahead challenges”.

Bao Trung shared "To learn well, health is a very important factor. Students usually have a habit of staying up late to study. I think, it is not good for our health. You can not absorb the lessons in the next morning, so I usually try to review the lessons mainly in the daytime and remember what I have learnt at school ".

For Bao Trung, Vo Truong Toan University is a common house where he has lived for nearly 04 years. The teachers here have always been enthusiastic and dedicated. He shared, "Every day I go to school and participate in school activities, I feel very happy as my family. The students come from different regions of the country with different personality, interests and habits. However, we love and help each other in learning and other problems in life. I thought we were very fortunate to study in the school. After our graduation, I’m sure we will be very sad. I promise myself I will learn and try to be successful in order not to let our teachers and parents down”.

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