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Student Tran Thi Ut Be

Tran Thi Ut Be

Student of International Economics class - Course 4

Obstacles and challenges on her study path are motivations that make Ut Be stronger and more mature. She has proudly been awarded a three-million VND scholarship by Vo Truong Toan University twice.

- To receive certificates of merit scholarships and student achievement “Overcoming difficulties, performing well at school” in the academic year 2012 - 2013 and 2013 - 2014 awarded by Vo Truong Toan University.

- To be honored and receive state scholarship for good students in the academic year 2013- 2014 by An Giang Youth Party.

- To achieve three annually certificates of appreciation for students who gain excellent academic achievements and amazingly perform Youth People’s activities by Tinh Bien district, An Giang Province.

- To gain the Sacombank scholarship “Nurture Dreams” in 2014.

As a monitor of International Economics Course 4, Tran Thi Ut Be is a good example of students “Overcome difficulties, learning well” at Vo Truong Toan University. Ut Be was born and grew up in a poor farming family in a remote area Tinh Bien – An Giang near the boundary of Vietnam and Cambodia.

As the youngest member of large family with a lot of financial difficulties, Ut Be is the only person in her family to attend university. To realize her dreams as well as her siblings’ expectations who stopped their schooling due to poor living conditions, Ut Be has always set a goal for each semester that she would try to get high grades for all subjects. Besides that, Ut Be also works part time to earn a living so that she can lessen her family burden.

Ut Be shares that three years she has studied is also the time of her mother’s and relatives’ worry and hardship. From now she needs only 6 months to graduate and make her dream come true. Her greatest happiness is the satisfaction of her family when seeing her excellent academic results, as a return for their motivation and attempt to help her complete her study. She always promises herself that she will never stop trying to study because good learning will help her have a stable job with high salary to improve her family conditions.

With her responsibilities for her study, Ut Be always makes a list of her priorities and every day she changes herself to be more adaptable to her life, tries to do what she plans and prepares solutions for arising problems. Moreover, she manages her time reasonably so that she can participate in her school’s activities, cares about and helps her classmates to have a part-time job and better learning conditions. Ut Be shares that she likes reading books of professional knowledge as well as books of communication skills and problem-solving skills because they enable her to broaden her knowledge and be more confident. She thinks that shyness and timidness may results in misunderstanding which causes problems in her learning performances. Besides that, confidence and activeness also play an important role in students’ successful job application and interview. She believes that not only economics students but also students of other majors need good communication skills and good behaviors. Those are criteria to evaluate if a person has good living philosophy.

Ut Be wants to express her deep gratitude to the motivation and aids from the university, especially lecturers of School of Economy during the time she has been learning here, which gives her strength to face problems in her study. From her lecturers, she had received both physical and mental assistance. Her teachers’ dedicated guidance and her classmates’ help are great encouragement for her to complete all learning assignments. During her schooling time, she has obtained a lot of professional knowledge and useful experience is a very first preparation for her future job.

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