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Student Nguyen Nhut Linh


Nguyen Nhut Linh

Student of International Economics class - Course 4

Determined to go through a difficult learning, in spite of overloaded part time job, Linh always time for study so as not to affect her learning and maintaining good student achievement.

- School year 2013 - 2014, Nhut Linh was honored to receive the scholarship, "Overcoming difficulties performing well at school"  3 million VND.

Nhut Linh is from Dong Thap. I was born in a family with two sisters, my father passed away, so living burden puts on my mother’s shoulders to send us to school.

From the very first days of school, Nhut Linh work hard to earn the income to cover her daily living. Nhut Linh said, "The part time job does not make good money, but help to reduce the cost each month she received from the family. In addition, she also learns more practical experience, complete more skills needed for life and more importantly, understand the value of money ".

Being busy, hard, tired, she always try to arrange a time so as not to affect learning, the learning outcomes achieved distinction, Nhut Linh was rewarded schools and scholarship " Overcoming difficulties performing well at school "in the academic year 2013-2014.

Nhut Linh shares "Staying at VTTU, seeing the school is constantly evolving and upgrading facilities and equipment for active support of teaching and learning, and I'm very proud, and at the same time I recognize my own responsibility for learning to get a solid knowledge base after completing the course at the school".

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