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Student Mai Van Chau

Mai Van Chau

Student of Medicine Class – Course 5

To become a General Doctor is an arduous and challenging path required hard work and determination of "learning the truth, doing the truth", he had excellent academic result and received the scholarship of 20 million VND awarded by the school in the academic year 2013-2014.

- To be honored to receive certificates of merit and scholarship excellent students in the academic year 2013 - 2014 awarded by Vo Truong Toan University.

- Continuously maintain and promote academic excellence until the present time.

Hardworking and determination of "learning the truth, doing the truth" is an indispensable factor for students in general, medical students in particular and that is his motto in learning. He had excellent result with average grade point 3.6 (under the credits training statute) in 2 semesters of the academic year 2013-2014 3.6 and received scholarships of 20 million VND. He emotionally said:  "The academic achievement that I achieved today is a precious gift for my parents."

To become a General Doctor is an arduous and challenging path for him. To wear the white noble blouse as well as enter the university is his striving and the great efforts of his family.

He is from a family of five siblings. He and his brother are currently studying at the same university. The monthly cost for studying is a burden for his parents who are too old to work. His mother is suffering from sciatica who can not work as before. Therefore, the main source of family income is based on selling grocery with about 3 million VND every month.

Despite the difficult family circumstances, he and his brother never stop trying to study hard. His goal is to maintain academic excellence and discipline. After graduation, he hopes to find a steady job that can support his family. If possible, he will continue his education specializing in the First section.

When sharing his learning methods, he said that self-study time at home is the most important regulation of credit learning. Students can learn from books, from the documents for clear and deep understanding. He often applied the learning method "Asking and Answering". It means that he raises questions from easy to difficult and answers them by himself or from teachers’ help. In addition, he takes the time to review previous lessons and prepares questions related to the lesson. With theory lessons in class, he does not take notes passively, but listens, reflects and understands the core content of the lessons. During the class discussion, he clarifies the issue and applies to specific situations. He and his classmates often exchange information on learning forums, information websites such as bacsinoitru.vn, Hanoi medical...

When being ask about his perception of the school, he proudly said: "Vo Truong Toan University is an ideal school well-equipped for learning. Also, the teachers always take care of the students. Besides, the school regularly organizes extra activities for students after a tiring day of learning as well as creates optimal conditions for learning. The students here are very friendly. We help each other in academic learning and in daily life in order to progress and forget about the difficulties of life when studying far away from home ".

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