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Due to the diverse demands for doing exercise, getting fit and improving student health, staff and lecturers working and studying at school as well as the residents living in VTTU urban area, the gym was built and officially came into operation from 3rd, December, 2014 so as to meet these urgent needs.

The gym in the sports and versatile competition area, located on the ground floor of apartment building No.2, was planned and built on civilized and modern architecture. This is a unified structure of living area with specific functional areas along with the service system, advanced utilities designed to optimize necessities of life, and leisure as well as recreation of students, staff, faculty members and residents in the urban areas.

The campus of two apartment buildings in VTTU urban areas

With full of equipment, new and modern instruments of different levels, the gym has been suitably built for new entrants as well as professionals. It is very neatly and tidily arranged, fully equipped with the enthusiastic guidance from all instructors. As a result, the gym attracts a lot of young people to work out at the gym every day.

Spacious and well - equipped room is the ideal place for students to work out with various kinds of training programs.

The gym in the sports and versatile competition area of Vo Truong Toan University

VTTU students participating in doing physical exercise and keeping fit with gym facilities.

The gym attracts a large number of young people to take part in workouts every day

The instructor models exercise movements for the students before practice

The instructor enthusiastically guides each student

With the motto "being healthy to build and protect the country, being healthy to study, train and work well ", VTTU inaugurated and put the artificial grass soccer field in the trade – service center into use in March, 2013.

As a general trend, the field of artificial grass with FIFA standards would be an excellent replacement for soccer ground and the natural grass one.

VTTU is the first University in Mekong Delta owning the system of regionally artificial grass soccer field. The system greatly meets the needs of staff, lecturers and students who are especially interested in the "Sports King”. It is also the ideal playground for staff, lecturers, and students after a hard day at work and at school.

The artificial grass soccer field system creates good playgrounds and professional sports competition for staff, lecturers, students, and local residents as well. Besides, it is the promotion of sportsmanship and solidarity for all.

With modern design, the field satisfies the quality standards. It uses 11000 DTEX, single-stranded monofilament grass originating from Europe, 300 microns thick, 50 mm high, 3- layer insole, and 2 colors. The distance between pieces is being sealed with sand to create high endurance. And there are small rubber particles to create the bounce and roll of the ball in order to minimize the risk of injury to the player.

Vovinam demonstration

Additionally, VTTU has 2 outdoor sports areas for the subjects in the formal curriculum of the students and the self-chosen Physical Education.

A volleyball match

Being as significant works, the sports and versatile competition area of Vo Truong Toan University is the ideal venue for Hau Giang province to host nationally important sporting events. The sports area includes: artificial grass soccer field, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc.

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