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Reporting special subjects and participating in software projects at school is one of the special professional activities which are focused by the faculty with a view to enhancing professional knowledge of the lecturers in the faculty in both theory and practical skills.

List of ongoing projects

- The library managing programme with the open source code Koha

List of finished projects

Payment software

Scheduling and attendance checking

Employee Timekeeping software

Enrolling software

List of completed special subjects.

Seminars about “Analyzing, Designing learner-oriented systems – the beginning of first semester.

Seminar: Research on Branch and Bound Technique

Seminar: Research on Stack Structure

Seminar: Research on dynamic programming technique

Seminar: Research on general tree structure

Seminar: Research on greedy techniques

Seminar: Research on binary tree structure and binary search tree

List of training courses that lecturers attended

Education Methodology

Development of web-based applications by Java/Struts2

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