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Quality Assurance Department


- Advise the Rector on the management and organization of quality assurance work.

- Advise the Rector on the inspection within the internal scope of the University.


a) Quality assurance protocol

- Advising and assisting the Rector in directing and implementing guidelines, policies and legal documents on quality assurance.

- Developing and organizing the implementation of quality assurance plans throughout the University.

- Develop regulatory documents and guidelines related to quality assurance; organize and perform the tasks of self-assessment and quality assurance of education due to current regulations.

- Guide and support the units to carry out self-assessment and quality assurance work at each unit and summarize the results of the education quality assessment in the whole University.

- Advise the Rector to organize seminars, refresher courses, training courses or short-term training courses to improve professional capability on quality assurance of higher education.

- Develop a survey process and design an appropriate tool system to evaluate the training program, the teaching of the lecturers, the learning of the students, the employment of the graduates; collect feedback from stakeholders on all activities of the University on an annual basis.

- Collect and analyze results of self-assessment activities, coordinate with other units in the University to propose solutions to improve quality based on self-assessment results; to act as a leading point in the implementation of solutions to ensure education quality.

- Manage and archive self-assessment records, coordinate with other units in the University to regularly update the evidence according to quality assurance standards.

- Develop and communicate the quality culture as well as the effectiveness of quality assurance activities to all units and individuals inside and outside the school in order to raise awareness about quality assurance work.

- Being accountable for publicizing education quality assurance conditions as prescribed.

- Organizing the storage and security of the University's database on quality assurance, quality inspection and testing.

- Making periodic and unexpected reports as required.

b) Inspection protocol

- Coordinating with other units to develop inspection plans and submitting the plans to the Rector for approval as well as organizing the implementation of the plan in accordance with the law.

- Assisting the Rector in performing the duties of receiving citizens, settling complaints and denunciations in accordance with the law on complaints and denunciations.

- Assisting the Rector to coordinate with relevant agencies, organizations and units on inspection protocol.

- Perform other duties assigned by the Rector.

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