Personnel and Administration Department was established under the Decision No. 06/QĐ – HĐQT-TC, March 27th, 2008 of Vo Truong Toan University Board Director.


- Advising the Rector in the construction, organization and consolidation of the entire University system; organizing human resource management, planning training, fostering, recruiting, arranging, using and evaluating human resources; ensure the concise and on-time implementation of regimes and policies for staffs, lecturers and employees at the University.

- Advising the Rector on the administrative and general management of the University; office work, clerical work, archives.

- Advising the Rector on the protection of agency safety, security and sanitary area around the University area.


a) Building system and organizing activities of the University

- Advising and proposing the establishment, merger, separation, dissolution of units and advisory councils; consolidating the organizational system in the University, ensuring that the system of the University operates in accordance with the actual situation.

- Developing regulations on organization and operation; defining the functions and tasks of the units under the University; regulations on the University organization and personnel.

- Reviewing, amending and supplementing the strategic development, mission, vision and core values of the University in each development stage.

b) Human resource management, regimes and policies

- Promoting team development strategy; management staff planning; personnel training and retraining plan; organizing staff, lecturers, and employees management in each period.

- Planning and organizing recruitment activities according to the needs of the University.

- Advising and proposing appointment, dismissal, transfer and rotation of personnel positions in accordance with the functions, tasks and development scale of each unit.

- Instructing, inspecting and supervising the implementation of recruitment, management, training, reward, discipline and human resource activities at the University; organizing annual personnel evaluation.

- In charge of proposing the financial regulations and conducting documents which apply finacial regulations toward staffs, lecturers, and emplyees.

- Managing and implementing about the regimes and policies on salary, allowance, reward, insurance, compensatory day, leave, rest and other welfare regimes,... according to the University regulations and Vietnam systematic law.

- Managing the occupational safety and sanitation around the University area.

- Manage employee records and resumes according to regulations.

c) Progress administrative, general, clerical and archival work

- Advising and assisting the Rector to manage, monitor and urge the implementation of the University's regulations, follow the conclusions and direction from the Rector and the results of the performance of tasks of the units in the University; preparing plans, programs and conditions for the Rector toward individuals and organizations inside or outside of the University.

- Monitoring the implementation of laws, regulations of the University, assigned tasks to organizations, units, staffs, and lecturers in the University.

- Collecting periodic reports and unexpected reports on the performance of the University's tasks; helping the Rector to prepare comments on draft legal documents sent by state agencies; proposing opinions to state agencies to amend and supplement legal documents.

- Developing and organizing the implementation of internal rules and regulations in order to ensure the order and labor discipline among the University staffs; participating in helping the Rector on the method of the documents in the scope before execution; appraisal, control and inspection of documents, systematization of normative documents in the school.

- Advising or communicating with other units in order to present, introduce policies Chủ trì hoặc phối hợp với các đơn vị liên quan tổ chức phổ biến, giáo dục pháp luật; phổ biến các văn bản quy phạm nội bộ của Trường cho cán bộ, giảng viên và người học trong Trường.

- Under the Rector's order to issue letters of introduction and work papers to staffs, lecturers and employees who are sent on business trips outside the University; confirm work papers for individuals and organizations to contact the University; confirm the background of the personnel of the University;

- Develop regulations and implementation guidelines on clerical and archival work of the University; develop and guide the implementation of regulations on the form and technique of drafting administrative documents of the University, check to ensure compliance with regulations before signing for execution.

- Managing and organizing the reception, processing and sending incoming and outgoing dispatches, documents and parcels within the scope of authority.

- Managing and using the University seal in accordance with the law.

- Making samples and managing original diplomas and certificates; publicly posting samples of documents; print, manage and issue blank diplomas and certificates of the University to functional units in the University.

d) Protection of agency safety, security, and sanitation

- Assigning the security at the entrance gates, patrolling and guarding 24/24 hours a day; maintain order and protect the property at the University; planning security duty, directing leadership when required by the School.

- Cooperating with related units including pollice, regional authority to resolve any problems regarding to the protection around the Univeristy area.

- Developing plans to check the functionality regarding to the fire alarm and fire equipments around the University area.

- Executing the sanitary procedures in keeping the clean sights around the University area.

đ) Other duties

- Welcoming, arranging, and instructing visitors who come to have contact with the University; managing the guest house and office rooms of Board Director, Rector office, guest rooms, meeting rooms; managing the University vehicles in transporting guest due to the duty of the University.

- Planning budget for daily office operations of the University, managing and monitoring the effective use of funds; serving meetings, conferences, seminars and festivals of the University.

- Check and report damage to facilities and public property of the University; monitor the maintenance and repair of facilities in the University; organize the warehouse to manage materials and assets of the University in accordance with regulations; coordinate with departments to organize the statistics and liquidation of assets periodically and irregularly according to the University regulations.

- Coordinating in quality assurance work.

- Perform other duties assigned by the Rector.


Address: Ground Floor – Administrative Area – Vo Truong Toan University

1A National Highway. Tan Phu Thanh. Chau Thanh A. Hau Giang

Telephone: (0293) 3953 200

(+84) 293.3953 222
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