Center of Informatics and Foreign language was founded on 1 August 2009 by 182/ QĐ-ĐHVTT-TC Decision of Board of Directors. Since the center was established, there have been 08 courses of Informatics Certificate Level A and 03 ones of Informatics Certificate Level B. The center is now enrolling students for similar courses which run three evenings a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

Center of Informatics and Foreign language is the one directly under Vo Truong Toan University. The center operates under the direct leadership of School managing board.

The center aims to meet the learners’ demand for studying and upgrading knowledge in term of foreign language and informatics particularly in Vo Truong Toan University and generally in Mekong Delta.

In addition, the center is in charge of organizing standardized exams which test Vo Truong Toan students’ required knowledge related to foreign language and informatics.

The mission of teaching and learning foreign languages and informatics is one of the major objectives that the center is targeting in order to improve the quality of training as well as to contribute to raising the intellectual level of local people.


Center of Foreign language and Informatics aims to satisfy Vo Truong Toan students’ demand for improving language as well as computing skills, to suit the needs of VTT University staff who want to acquire foreign language and computer literacy so as to supplement their teaching and science studies, and finally to serve any one who is in need of these skills in Hau Giang Province and surrounding places.

To reach such aims, the center is supposed to fulfill the following core requirements:

- Mode of training: have interaction between theory and practice and apply advanced teaching methods and appropriate instruments in order to provide learners with applied practical skills.

- Frequently start new courses to timely supply learners’ demand. Besides classes of English and basic computing skills, the center attaches special importance to start specialized classes serving learners constantly.

- Organize examinations of international certificates, including TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, in association with International Educational Institutions.

- Organize examinations which reward the National Language Certificates to successful test takers such as English Certificate Level A, B, C, and Informatics Certificate Level A, and B.

- Organize exams of international certificates such as Comptia A+, Java, MCTS, CCNA, MCSA, and so on.

- Hold refresher courses to help improve both qualifications and teaching skills for lecturers in the center.

Expand associations with schools and international organizations so as to promote the movement towards learning foreign language and computer skills.

Center of Foreign language and Informatics always formulates three fundamental principles which are Quality, Prestige, and Effectiveness.

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