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Halloween Night 2011 at the University of Vo Truong Toan

In the air jubilantly welcomed Halloween, on 30.10.2011, at Vo Truong Toan University took place Halloween night in order to give VTTU students a useful playground and comfortable relaxation after learning stress.

In 2011, Halloween Night by the Executive Committee Union of University Vo Truong Toan launched were received enthusiastic participation of all students.

Vo Truong Toan University campus in the festival night filled with mysterious colors, bizarre images, but also fun is made up of creative hands of the students.

Festival officially opens with a brief repertory play about Halloween legend is by performance teams of the university. From funny homemade costumes and the natural way of the narrator has brought laughter to all members of the festival.

Costume contest takes place unexpected and interesting, the pairs will makeup, transform each other during a maximum period of 7 minutes. Besides the many characters typical Halloween as vampires, witches, monsters ..., Halloween this year also appeared the new shaped like angels wings wrap himself in the colorful design, uniform environment from plastic bags, paper, old clothes the students are also heavily utilized.

Air as the later becomes more exciting by the many exciting activities. Especially in the contest "Halloween Dance", the students are immersed in but the hops and the modern professional. Although only a training period is very short but modern dance groups from all classes of units successfully completed their exams in the cheers of the entire audience.

Excellent performances of martial arts clubs Vovinam of Vo Truong Toan University attracted the attention of numerous students contribute to the influence of scaling traditional martial arts. The martial virtuosity shown by all rights, all opposition has left the impression applause and praise.

The investment in elaborate costumes, unique, interesting items in each test performance from the actors present, non-professional dancers led judges program goes from surprise to surprise the other.

Within a short time after its establishment, the fashion club has been operating quite prominently in all the movements. The club gradually into a stable, regular exercise to bring about dramatic performances in the festival program was held at the school.

The contest of camp decoration was invested and prepared carefully by all classes. The design and decoration of each camp created a space with colors of Halloween that has never had in Vo Truong Toan University before. Each camp focused on exploiting a different aspect of Halloween themes to create art free-style that made people stop to admire and take memorial photos with the campers when going through.

Halloween 2011 festival was the first opportunity for new students show solidarity and creativity. This was confirmed by the award in the contest of camp decoration this year belong to the new students, course 4. The highest award of camp decoration belonged to the Finance and Banking University class, course 4, Pharmacy College class, course 4 and Business Administration - Accounting - International Economics University class, course 4.

Halloween Night 2011 ended very impressive. With dynamic, enthusiastic students of Vo Truong Toan University, the academic year 2011 - 2012 will take place many significant activities in the near future.

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