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VTTU – where dreams come true.

VTTU - where the youth can express the desire to create a successful job in future.

VTTU always offers students the best conditions to improve skills and widen knowledge.

VTTU is a place for training human resources and talent serving our country.

VTTU is an ideal destination for both students and lecturers to live and work in peace and contentment.

“The city of University” or called as “ the City of Intelligence”, “ the City of Science”, or “ The city of Students”.

“The city of University” is invested in constructing modern infrastructure and synchronic facilities in a united form; A progressive self-contained system of user-friendly services; an active and creative environment for studying and working.

With an area of 20 hectares, VTTU aims at constructing a synchronic infrastructure consisting of headquarters, an office building, a theory lecture – hall system, the practical laboratory zone, the library system, dormitory, lecturers and employees’ apartments area, the clinic, versatile sporting event hall, commercial center...

VTTU is designed and constructed following the ancient European architecture, the idea of the model is “Everything's in one place!”- Being regarded as a modern miniature city, VTTU can satisfy all requirement of accommodation, studying and researching, or even entertainment. It is an environment of knowledge, studying, creative working, developing and affirming rank.

VTTU – the typical model represents the power of knowledge in the new age. It is a special sketch trait in Mekong Delta.

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