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- Knowledge of analyzing and setting up international trade policies and integrating international economy, import-export businesses, international trade law…

- Doing professional skills such as designing and organizing import and export plans, managing and directing work on import-export contracts like delivering and receiving goods, shipping, insurance, customs, goods inspection, marketing research, market forecast…

- Applying their learned theory in analyzing factors which affect benefits of an organization, the structure of international trade relationships. As a result, they can plan better strategies to improve their competition dominance of international business organizations.


- Thinking skill: Graduates have strategic thoughts, smart decisions in order to meet the need of the country’s development, integrate the foreign trade.

- Professional skills: Graduates have professional skills of import – export business, international payment, and international transport.


Graduating from Vo Truong Toan University, students can work at the  Commercial & Industrial Department, Department of Planning and Investment, foreign investing management offices, economic and social organizations, universities, economy research institutes, import and export companies, international shipping companies, commercial banks, multinational companies.

Job opportunity

 Foreign trade is a combination of foreign language and business. Currently, this is one of the hottest jobs of all time in Vietnam.

Global trend boost foreign trade more developed and important. Since WTO’s integration, Vietnam increases foreign trade, cooperate with many countries. It’s become an important sector which determines the nation’s development.

Vietnam mainly exports produces, food, crude minerals and imports machines, facilities, consumer goods, heavy industry…Surplus import-export hasn’t been balanced yet because Vietnam still imports hi-tech products last year. Therefore, the government launches plans to balance the surplus import-export; decreasing imports, focusing on improving quality of key’s products. Thus,  foreign trade will probably encounter many chances, improvements with plans specifically  in the upcoming years.

Foreign trade is attractive to young people due to its high chances of  promotion at work. Nowadays, this industry are requiring a large number of employees, but the recruitment progress seems to be harder because of high requirement of employers. Mastering major’s knowledge, foreign trade candidates also have to be good at English communication. In fact, in spite of the high demand of expanding activities, this industry still cannot deal with “educated employees” problem.

Besides, people who work on this major also need to be equipped some more skills such as persuasive skill, negotiating skill, communicative skill, organized skill, problem-solving skill… To import-export specialists, employers normally  ask the candidates to master import and export procedures, experience of composing documents, texts, contracts, knowledge of goods and market.

To do this job well, candidates need to be careful, quick, flexible, responsible, high pressure at work… Specific requirements for import-export specialists will be vary depending on different markets.

Learning more on export business will provide more knowledge, professional skills to get more confident at work. During the learning process, students should compare theory and real life situations, especially from people who are working on this industry.

Employees should work hard to get experience from their current job. It seems to be simple but you still can acquire a lot of good things. For example, You can learn from contacting customers, marketing new products…so that you will be much better at convincing and communicating. Moreover, you will know more about the products you are marketing and then you try to find out more about this product’s market.

Foreign trade’s Prospect

These days, working in this sector is one of the most popular trends of youngsters. In most University Entrance Exams, benchmark for this major is usually high. Some relevant majors are business, international investment, import-export management, production, import-export business…

Vietnamese government always highly appreciate the important role of foreign trade in the economy. It helps the economy developed in the way of integration, exports, and helps to deal with other issues related to international business. In addition, foreign trade has had a lot investment priorities and that’s why there are a lot of chances for foreign trade students.

Foreign trade, a very potential field, is concerned and invested by the government. Import-export specialists’ income are really high, and this will bring you a comfortable, active life with big working conditions and business trips.

High income and active working environment, modern condition and  foreign company cooperation are large gravity for foreign trade students. In the future, when the Vietnamese economy is more developing and integrating the globalization , foreign trade has more opportunities to be the key sector soon. Thus, graduating foreign trade from school, you can be chosen by employers anywhere in this sector.

Graduates are able to work at sales department, export department in companies, commercial companies, import-export companies, representatives offices, shipping companies, airline, insurance, foreign trade banks, ports, universities, colleges…to perform some professional skills as setting up, organizing import-export plans, managing and directing jobs relating to import-export contracts, shipping, insurance, customs, inspection of goods, market research, market forecast…

Required characters and skills

- Master the knowledge of economics, business

- Capture information quickly and exactly

- Quick, clever, responsible

- Good communicative, negotiating, convincing skill

- Fluent in foreign language (English)


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