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In the school year 2012 - 2013, Vo Truong Toan University (VTTU) officially put the Medicinal Center of Services - Practices – Labs into use. The building covers a total area of over 6,800 square meters, with a total investment cost of 150 billion VND, of which 40 billion for the construction and 110 billion for medical facilities serving modern health sciences sectors in the period from 2012 to 2017. This equipment can ensure both sufficient services for a large number of students and the quality of the service for students’ practice hours.

The Medicinal Center of Services – Practices - Labs is designed in harmony with the whole structure of VTTU

The 5-storey building including specific functional areas, the practice rooms, labs and intensive practice rooms for internship is arranged scientifically adopting international standards, serving the faculty and students of Medicine who are learning and doing research.

Laboratory of Microbiology - Parasitology

Dosage lab

Specialized practice rooms for Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Pharmacology, Medicinal - Plants, Analytical Chemistry, Department of Anatomy physiology, microbiology lab - Parasitology, Hygiene and Health prevention plus, Practice Room for selling drugs, Dosage Practice Room, Practice Room for Traditional Pharmacy,·Drug Information Center, Pharmaceutical Laboratory.

Rooms of Anatomy - Physiology

The warehouse of chemicals

A student’s operation of the toxic fume cabin

Instruction on the operation of the HPLC

A pharmacy of GPP standard

Besides lecture halls, Vo Truong Toan University Hospital and the Medicinal Center of Services - Practices – Labs form a complex and unified model of Hospital – University. When officially put into operation, it will be both a teaching hospital serving students of health sciences, a place to improve the quality of clinical practice and scientific research base of the university, and a hospital to meet the needs of health care for the people in the·Mekong delta and the whole country.

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