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- Equipping with the background knowledge for the Bachelor of Science degree in English; the basic knowledge of English language (phonology, vocabulary, grammar), culture, literature and civilization of the English speaking countries: the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand ...

- Graduates can meet the needs of the society of translators, translation and transactions with foreigners. In addition, students also have the ability to communicate well and handle the office work in the international environment.

"The key to open the gates of human knowledge the key to success in the integration period"


- Professional skills: being able to work independently, finding and solving problems, professional skills, self-learning, self study, being capable of presenting and analyzing the problems, organizational and teamwork ability,  high adaptability of the language in communication applications.

- Tool skills: Being able to use English (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in professional work, having the ability to apply information technology in professional work. Being proficient in office skills and transactions in English is to meet the requirements of practical affairs as well as to have the theoretical basis for participation in scientific research.

- Communication skills: practicing for students to communication skills in any situations and engage in professional fields such as teaching, translating, translation, diplomacy, secretary office... provide students with confidence and efficiency in the use of language and ability to learn English to accumulate professional after graduation.

- Besides, in the learning process, students will learn and practice English skills in the special lab rooms, participating in translation clubs, English clubs...

Job opportunities

- English Language graduates at Vo Truong Toan University can participate in work related to English language: translation, interpreting, secretary, assistant, office work, working at the diplomatic missions, the Joint Venture Trade Company, travel or participating in international cooperation programs, projects and programs of development in the Mekong Delta and the whole country.

- Participating in teaching at high school English, the English Foreign Language Center. Language is an important and effective bridge in modern society. In the integration market, language is one of the most important sectors of economy and society. All business activities, social activities with foreigners will not be possible without the language department.

Currently, the trend of increasingly integration and opening economies create conditions for foreign language to become a valuable industry with a series of job employment opportunities in many different positions. You can find jobs in different positions, from city to countryside; from the industrial zone to the travel destination ... The varied work foreign language would be a great opportunity to express foreign language knowledge.

English Language field which has great influence on diplomatic relations with countries in the world is a tool, a lever to promote, develop a relationship of equality and mutual development in all economy, politics and society, is an important factor in determining success in work and cooperation relations with foreign partners.

Foreign language graduates have many opportunities, higher promotions and a good income, in dynamic working environment, modern, contacting with foreigners. You also visit many places, interact with people, learn and accumulate skills and knowledge for yourself.

Foreign language is one of the most essential elements for all industries. You will have the opportunity to be employed than those in other disciplines in the process of finding a job. After graduation, students are able to work in the positions, interpreting - translating English majors (Commerce, Economics, Management, Finance, Banking ...) in corporate communications, translation and research institutes (languages, economics, management, tourism ...) staff functions such as business, communications, services and projects ... of businesses and organizations using English-language; English teachers at vocational schools, colleges and universities of the economic; professional sales and promotion of international trade, international investment, market development and customer care; distribution system development; marketing, Public Relation; the diplomatic and foreign affairs in the corporate, business, export processing zones ... In addition, you can work freely with the translating, interpretation, guides.

With foreign language, you also have a high income and a modern life, be dynamic. You can work in the contacting with foreigners environment. Therefore, learning and accumulating is to develop your own language.


In new economic era, the trend of integration is a must, interpreting becomes more important than ever. Interpreters are present in most of summit meetings, foreign investment projects, multinational program, or internationally important events. The opportunity of the interpreter is almost endless because of its great demands.

Skills required of an interpreter:

- Have good memories

- Have good health

- Persevere and work hard, be willing in learning

- Be well organized in work

- Be quick, sensitive and confident

- Have extensive knowledge about the culture, society and humans. These urge the interpreters have to upgrade themselves and latest information in the new areas.

- Be thoughtful and careful. Always prepare in advance the field that they will translate that.

- A good interpreter has opportunities to work in many places such as: international organizations, multinational companies, travel companies, the Foreign Ministry, newspaper houses, radio stations, television stations, publishers, foreign sectors in charge of the Ministry, interpretation companies and many other agencies. Also, you can also become a freelance interpreter.

As an interpreter, you will have many chances to discover many things. The world will become closer and smaller. You will go to many parts of the world, meet the celebrities. Moreover, you will have many chances to find a good job with high salary.

This job also offers a very good promotion. Some good interpreters of the Foreign Ministry have become ambassadors. The job does not care about age. Whether you are young or old, that is not important as long as you are interested in it.


In the trend of integration and economic opening mechanism which attracts foreign investment, there is more and more exposure with the foreigners, foreign cultures, the documents, foreign contracts. With those demands, translation comes into being as an attracting job towards youngsters.

This job is essential in popular areas such as business, social services, entertainment and some other areas.

When Vietnam cooperates more with the foreigners, it becomes a hot job. Besides the target language, the translator must master Vietnamese, too. Translators are important for the commitment, the interference and mutual understanding. They are silent contributors for the economic integration.

You can find your job in many places especially those with high frequency of foreigners and foreign documents such as the foreign affairs agencies, diplomatic agencies, foreign investment industrial zones, foreign investor resorts, publishers, famous tourist sites

You start as a translator, then become a good translator in one certain area, and move to a higher position. Next, you can be a Chef Translator or General Translator.

The qualities and skills required of a translator:

- Have the ability to understand and use language in a precise way.

- Have the ability to remember new words and understand the grammatical structures.

- Have the ability to speak, write, debate.

- Be opening, creative, and willing to learn new things from others.

- Have some soft skills such as persuasion, public speaking, communication, etc.

- Have general knowledge and professional skills and English culture.


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