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The university library is located on the second floor of the head quarter of VTTU. It has open space and is equipped with big tables for group discussion, tables for students’ reading and self-study. In addition, it also has on-work computers for students to search for reference books and information.

VTTU library has been developing the sources of digital information to serve for the development of the university. At the same time, it is working to share and make use of its information resourses within the whole system.

Now the library has over 2,000 books, helping students improve their research ability during their study and making their learning environment the best conditions for them to study. Specially, the university is focusing on medicine and pharmacy books which are crucial for medicinal and pharmaceutical teachers and students.

Group working areaTo serve for students’ learning activities, since the academic year 2011 – 2012, VTTU library been has equipped with information and materials searching system for free.

Students’ information searching area

VTTU library has modernly been developed to provide with learning resources in Vietnamese and English including electronic data collections from the world. Beside books of professional knowledge, the university always updates more newspapers, magazines to make a wider range of materials for students to develop their social skills.

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