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The movements of the Youth Union Vo Truong Toan University has really attracted the participation of students with many activities of practical lessons, thereby encouraging students to actively practice ethical behavior, lifestyle besides learning in school.

The Youth Union and the Student Association Vo Truong Toan University have always coordinated and built up the action programs, the volunteering movements for the community to meet most of the demand for training and growing of most union members who have been studying and joining activities at Vo Truong Toan.

The voluntary team at Vo Truong Toan University always playing the leading role in all movements

All contests, major events organized at Vo Truong Toan University, the participation of the majority of students have made deep impression. This is the opportunity for Union members and students to express aptitude, develop creative ideas and solidarity.

Well-prepared and sophisticated costumes invested in musical repertoire of the students

A dancing performance of student on the new school year opening ceremony 2014 – 2015

An entertaining show to show gratitude to teachers of students on Teachers’ Day 20-11

The working environment  between Students’ association – the Youth Union has  helped train several generations of students be more dynamic, enthusiastic, devoted himself to youth activities for the community and contribute to the overall development of Vo Truong Toan.

The winning students in the beauty contest at Vo Truong Toan University

Members of the Martial Arts club of Vo Truong Toan – demonstrating Vovinam

The learning environment at Vo Truong Toan University always creating conditions for every student to promote talents

In addition, the Youth Union at Vo Truong Toan University also organized and launched movement activities, playgrounds and to support students about life experience, learning and training skills as tthe program "Student Fair" in the camp to celebrate the establishment of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in order to stimulate innovative ideas, sales skills and help students gain access to local businesses.

One corner of the camp decorated characterized as in the Southern village of student at Vo Truong Toan University

Yearly, the University Union attracts hundreds of students to participate in voluntary activities. From participating in this meaningful activity, each student will have the opportunity to practice at the local, immersed in the activities of the society, had their best chance of dedication to homeland , both conditions to improve the knowledge, life skills and practical experience help themselves in the process of getting the job then.

Students at Vo Truong Toan University always showing positive feelings, dynamic operation "The University Entrance Exam Support"

Students at Vo Truong Toan University excitedly getting together around the campfire at the ceremony of the establishment of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union

With those practical activities in recent years, the Youth Union at Vo Truong Toan University has really become a strong organization serving the development of students.

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