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1. Major of Business Administration

- Target of training

+ Training Bachelors of Business Administration who have ability to form policy, strategy and business plan; know how to organize business activities; have specialist skills of business management; set up and develop new businesses.

+ A Bachelor of Business Administration can research, improve knowledge by himself to get high degree or keep up the development of business environment.

+ Students who graduated in Business Administration can work in all agencies, departments of economy or bank.

2. Major of Accounting

- Target of training

+ Training Bachelors of accounting who have political quality, morality, good health, social responsibility.

+ Having a thorough graph of the basic knowledge of economic, society, specialist knowledge. This something will help students’ orient suitable job to satisfy the needs of the market economy more and more increasingly. At the same time this helps students develop the necessary skills to self-study, self-development, independent study as well as getting the necessary skills for workers such as problem-solving skills, teamwork skills.

+ Preparing for students the basic knowledge about the occupation and professional accounting. Having a thorough graph of financial regulations and accounting enforced by the Ministry of Finance and Government helps students have the ability to organize the work of accounting, internal audit and finance in all types of businesses in the economy. Besides, Bachelors of accounting also have ability to form accounting, auditing policies and have a good command of technological accountant process

+ Able to work (hoặc những chỗ này mình có thể thể hiện là Cơ hội nghề nghiệp: Career Opportunities rồi sử dụng câu cũ) (Graduates) in accounting can work the accounting  and auditing in the types of local businesses and international businesses.

3. Major of Finance – Banking

- Target of training

+ Training Bachelors of Banking and Finance who have political qualities, morality and good health; have a thorough graph of the socioeconomic, business administration and finance banking; have ability to research, form and solve problems in the fields of banking and finance.

+ Career opportunities: Graduates can work in central banks, local banks or companies.

4. Major of Tourism and Travel administration

- Target of training

Training the bachelors of economy who have ability to make the organization and perform operations of business administration in the companies. Graduates from Major of Tourism and Travel administration have the ability to select information, analysis, make a decision, organize start-up activities, and direct long-term as well as short-term business operations in the service companies such as: staying services, restaurants and travel...

+ Graduates from Major of Tourism and Travel administration can work in the companies (domestic and foreign) have business and tourism services as well as in the management of agencies such as:

  • Companies of  business in tourism and services
  • The research institute
  • The bodies of government management in tourism
  • Schools of tourism...

5. Major of International economics

- Target of training

+ Study program for major of International Economics help students work in the companies with the global business environment and different cultures. Specific objectives of the program are:

  • Training knowledge of business skills in an international environment. Graduates have the ability to seek opportunities and compete in the world market, spread brand name globally.
  • Students have the ability to negotiate and communicate with multiple objects with different cultures;
  • Students can find out the differences and similarities between the markets and seek to solutions for maintaining company’s existence in target markets;
  • Students can identify the opportunities and challenges of international business;
  • Students can practice business skills, teamwork skills;
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