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Academic requirements

In order to achieve the criteria of outcoming quality, the faculty of information technology is determined to implement the training criteria as following.

1. Criteria of the computer rooms for practice:

Each student has a computer to practice applied to the subjects that students have to practice on computers. Not more than five students share a set of equipment applied to the practical subjects on the network device, hardware and server.

2. Criteria of teaching materials:

In order to have a good preparation for teaching the above-mentioned subjects, each lecturer has to compose the materials in accordance with the school’s regulations when they start teaching. The materials consist of:

◦ Syllabus

◦ Determining the main teaching materials (title, author, publisher, year of publication)

◦ References and More Readings

◦ Homework

◦ Multiple choice Questions for Test Bank

◦  Software, websites,  and other equipments…. that serve teaching.

All the materials are digitalized and uploaded on the Electronic Classroom of Vo Truong Toan University at: http://lms.vttu.edu.vn before the lecturers and the students have the first class meeting.

3.  Criteria of students’ communication:

100% of lecturers have the schedule to meet students every week, not less than 2 hours. Also, it is a must to use the forum in teaching in order to facilitate the communication between lecturers and students to the most.

4. Criteria of evaluating students:

In order to help students get into the habit of regular learning during a semester, avoiding the status of waiting until the exam, the faculty requires 100% of lecturers to have a specific evaluation plan before the first class meeting. The plan must evaluate the following aspects: learning attitude, attendance, mid-term exam point, final exam point, homework and group assignments.

5. Criteria of probation:

Closely linked to software development company so that the university can send the students for probation with a view to assuring that students have enough skills and qualifications to join the companies and work as a programmer.

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